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About us

Equi Products Holland was founded in 1981 and has, over the past 35 years, built a well-known brand in high-quality horse products. Our experience, expertise and knowledge, gained over 30 years of service to this industry, puts us in a great position to provide the European equine and, less specifically, veterinary markets with the best products for the best prices.

We are traders and it behoofs us to bring you the best products. We are a group of people with drive, energy and an excellent track-record in finding the best products for our clients. We have good contacts with suppliers all over Europe and with global companies beyond. Our extensive experience in dealing with Veterinary Medical Agencies, customs officials and suppliers brings us the specialized skills we need to be the best and quickest in this market.


Our objective is to provide an international selection of high quality, equine registered, veterinary products at competitive prices supported by professional care and reliable service.

Equi Products Holland |  Mecan is a wholesaler of veterinary products to veterinary Hospitals, Equine Surgeons and Veterinary practitioners.

We maintain a strict criteria as to who we do business with and what we offer you. This forces us to source only the best and healthiest products for our clients. We exclusively distribute to veterinary professionals and licensed pharmacists.


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Email: info@mecan.nl

Tel:+31 (0)88 011 11 05